Raw Feeling from New Zealand


The weather was stunning for the International Yoga Festival at Kawai Purapura last weekend, Raw Veda and Green Gorilla combined to offer a delicious range of Raw Foods, light and exceptionally tasty, all perfect to munch on between yoga sessions. We had a beautiful Great Gorilla for a backdrop, adapted from the cover of ‘The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace‘, written by Avatar Adi Da Samraj in 1979, many years before the Raw Diet became trendy. And we gave away small bookmarks to connect people with this Wisdom Teaching about the Raw Diet.



“You can always trust an eating gorilla. Having found his food, he has put aside all effort and concern for survival….He is essentially benign, playful, even lovable. He is simply eating.”

Our food is offered with this in mind. Look out for us at the next festival at Kawai Purapura – Voices of Sacred Earth, March 11-13.



All profits made from the Raw Veda stall at the Voices of Sacred Earth Festival in Albany this weekend will be donated to the Cyclone Relief Fund to rebuild the Northern Fiji Island of Naitauba which was one of the first to receive a King Hit from Cyclone Winston.

Please visit the Raw Veda stall to feast on our delicious array of raw foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks in between.. And here is a link to the stories of the damage and rebuilding process following the cyclone: naitauba.org.



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