Green Gorilla UK at Vegfest

3822_1192637054094673_1549341263655296734_n.jpgGreen Gorilla UK has begun the year in with a bang at the recent Vegfest in Brighton, England on Feb 27/28. Vegfest advocates a strong vegan ethic and participants promote  the protection of all non-human life, something that fitting in well with the raw vegan message promoted by Green Gorilla.

“Diet is a principal form of the human connection to the larger world, and it is simply true that the “green domain” of plants is the natural source of food for human beings. The social and political concern about global warming and climate change is connected to matters of diet. The industrialization of the raising of animals in order to kill them for food is a gross violation of the natural laws of responsibility that are incumbent upon human beings. Not only is the animal industry a dreadful abuse of non-humans, but it is also contaminating the atmosphere on the same scale as emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.”

-Adi Da Samraj, Green Gorilla © 2016 ASA


Green Gorilla was undoubtedly the most attractive stall at the festival and many people enjoyed the delicious raw vegan treats on offer. Many contacts were made with vegans, vegetarians and animal rights organisations. We really looked forward to our ongoing relationship with the vegan community in the UK and are already preparing for similar events in coming months.

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