Raw Footage from Down-under 2015


Last year we brought Green Gorilla goodness to the Australian people under the banner of “Jungle Raw”. It’s a wonderful thing to feel people’s response to raw food, especially if they weren’t aware just how good it really tastes! We had an amazing time connecting with folks from all walks of life and loved sharing something we really feel so passionate about.

This World Needs A New Diet and a New Way of Life!

We intend to help bring about real change in the way folks relate to diet and how they look after their bodies and the planet we live on. Toxic food is having a terrible impact on the ecosystem and the digestive system of people all over the earth. Its time to spread the word, and encourage people to try something new and change their habits by offering them something new, tasty and eco/bio sustainable.

“You can have fun and suffer, or you can enjoy a continuous sense of well-being and enjoy freedom from the negative exaggerations of physical existence. “

– Adi Da Samraj, “The Green Gorilla”  © 2016 ASA

We also want to bring to people an orientation to life in general that puts you in touch with a greater sense of connectedness and awakens a condition of prior unity and happiness that is inherent to all beings. The Truth is that we are already connected and already sustained at a deeper level that merely physical existence. Much of what we suffer in life, and which gets expressed in the way we use and abuse food is an expression of the forgetting of that Truth, that Prior Condition.

To satisfy what human beings truly want and need and to ensure a benign future for life on earth, we have no choice: We must transcend what separates us and build on the deep foundation we all share, which is our prior, or already-existing unity.

To find out more visit: http://www.priorunity.org/

We have been successful in bringing the Message to thousands of people so far through education courses, seminars and festival events in New Zealand, Australia, England and the United States and the Green Gorilla message keeps spreading each year!


“The eating gorilla is the image of the true man, the true woman. He demonstrates the principle of true politics, of real human existence, in which we are always presently connected to the Food Source in Truth, and are always presuming connection, relationship, ‘I love you’.” 

– Adi Da Samraj, “The Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace” © 2016 ASA

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